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Why Stocktake?

Down the years we have had people saying to us why would one do a stocktake? Or that doing a stocktake is a waste of time. But if you think that doing a regular stocktake is unimportant then read on and you will find out just how it can help your business succeed in these uncertain times.

The main purpose of stocktaking is to deliver a fast, efficient, reliable assessment of where your business stands in terms of its stock and shrinkage.

Modern stocktaking processes have moved on from the old pen and paper procedures of 15 or 20 years ago.

Today the only efficient way of accurately counting your stock is to use a computerised system.

Some of the benefits of using our barcode scanners and stocktake reporting systems are:

  • They are fast and easy to use. Barcodes ensure that products and all pack sizes are correctly scanned.
  • It allows you to check back on any stock count items at random.
  • There is instant and accurate data transfer to a laptop on an area by area basis, which is of great benefit when trying to narrow down problems to specific areas.
  • You can get a full breakdown on quantity waste allowances in all or individual areas at both cost and retail.
  • Our stock reporting system can automatically receive till PLU sales on most Gellar tills as well as being compatible with BOSS new touch screen tills. Other till systems can be downloaded by means of CSV file format.
  • Our system identifies stock holding levels on all stock item such as draught kegs, bottled beers, minerals, spirits and wines etc. The number of weeks stock on hand is one of the most important statistics that we make our clients aware of as OVERSTOCKING can be very costly and have a big effect on a company?s BANK balance.
  • Stocktaking gives a percentage gross margin on sales as well as margin mix on product and groups.
  • Line by line gross margin item reports are available showing products which maybe over or under priced in relation to their cost price.
  • We can input all deliveries into Excel spread sheets which can easily be imported directly into the individual stock files.
  • Different pack sizes can be easily converted by our system.

Our systems are streets ahead of the old style pen and paper methods which are still employed by some of our competitors.

The main disadvantages of the old style of stocktaking are:

  • Slow, labour intensive, inefficient and a waste of paper.
  • Open to misreporting if the stocktaker?s hand writing is poor.
  • Tedious and laborious as the individual has to manually input all tills and stock counts into a stock sheet.
  • Open to errors on pack size conversions and item quantities.
Stocktaking is much easier to carry out on a computerised basis and Compustock are here to provide you with the most professional, reliable stocktaking service available.

All our stocktaking services are carried out using the latest barcode scanner and stock reporting packages.

Bar & Nightclub Stocktaking

In the current economic climate many pubs and clubs find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Forced to cut back on wages and overheads, many owners are experiencing increased stock shrinkage which is adding to their woes.

Off Licence Stocktaking

In order to compete with the large multiples and their bulk-buying discounts, the smaller, independent off-licence owner now needs to keep a tighter control on his deliveries and stock levels than ever before.

Retail & Service Station Stocktaking

Most retail store owners will tell you that things are difficult and getting worse and service stations are no exception. Slow trading conditions continue to bring loss of revenue, stock shrinkage and increased instances of theft

Pharmacy Stocktaking

Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products need to be tightly controlled as margins continue to be squeezed in the current economic climate. Theft of high value goods from pharmacies has also been highlighted as a growing problem area

Food Stocktaking

The food industry, like the pub trade, has seen a significant fall in the number of people eating out in recent years. This is hitting their overall margins hard making portion control even more important than ever before.