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Our Systems.

How the introduction of computerised stock reporting systems has pushed us to the top of the stocktaking ladder in Dublin and surrounding areas.

When our company first introduced computerised stock reporting systems we knew that the world of stocktaking was about to change for the better.

It was clear to us that our comprehensive knowledge of stocktaking procedures combined with an automated till system would be a retailers dream come through.

When you engage the services of Compustock we count your stock and import the count and you till sales directly into our system on a laptop.

This will show the individual items on your laptop screen on a total and area basis.

This is only part of the benefit which our incredible stock reporting system can achieve.

At Compustock we use the latest stocktaking software package and state of the art barcode scanners including: Compustock Unitech Scanner

  • We use Unitech HT/PT 630 Handheld barcode scanners which read individual item barcodes. This appears on the display of the scanner. It shows the name of the product, existing amount counted, current count and the barcode related to that product. It also has a built-in functionality which allows you to count multiple products. If you make a wrong count you can easily reversed with the minus function. You can add new barcodes for items and easily download it directly into the stock reporting system. For more information see
  • The stock reporting system and stocktaking software packages which we use have been developed by Boss Till Systems based in Finglas Business Park, Dublin 11. With the help of our team, their stock reporting system has been tailored to suit our stocktaking methods.
  • Barcode scanner cradles are used to charge the handheld unit but can also be used to transfer stock count data directly into the laptop. Special data transfer cables are compatible with serial or USB ports on a laptop for easy data transfer. Another lead we use is a special till download cable which allows for instant sales import to our stock reporting system. This is very beneficial for small premises as stock can be checked there and then if so required.
  • Boss stocktaking software is compatible with Gellar mp2 tills , Boss touch screen tills, and any premises with a Boss back office system can easily transfer sales information. Compustock, with the help of Boss, are currently developing software to enable sales import from a wide range of till registers including new Casios, any back office till system that is CSV format capabilities.

Bar & Nightclub Stocktaking

In the current economic climate many pubs and clubs find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Forced to cut back on wages and overheads, many owners are experiencing increased stock shrinkage which is adding to their woes.

Off Licence Stocktaking

In order to compete with the large multiples and their bulk-buying discounts, the smaller, independent off-licence owner now needs to keep a tighter control on his deliveries and stock levels than ever before.

Retail & Service Station Stocktaking

Most retail store owners will tell you that things are difficult and getting worse and service stations are no exception. Slow trading conditions continue to bring loss of revenue, stock shrinkage and increased instances of theft

Pharmacy Stocktaking

Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products need to be tightly controlled as margins continue to be squeezed in the current economic climate. Theft of high value goods from pharmacies has also been highlighted as a growing problem area

Food Stocktaking

The food industry, like the pub trade, has seen a significant fall in the number of people eating out in recent years. This is hitting their overall margins hard making portion control even more important than ever before.