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Meet The Compustock Team.

meet the compustock teamAfter leaving school at De La Salle Churchtown in Dublin, the Managing Director of Compustock, Kevin Fitzpatrick, started his accountancy training in the College of Commerce Rathmines in Dublin.

Having completed his initial studies he then worked with a number of well known companies including Smith Klien, Beechams and Fuller's Chocolates (Terrys of York) before setting up his own company.

Compustock was formed in 1976 after Kevin identified that there was a need for a professional hospitality stocktaking service in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

In the early days stock was done by pen and paper, but Kevin changed all that about 25 years ago when he developed a computerised stock reporting system which is still in use today.

Kevin, in his leisure time, is very involved in rugby having been President of his club De La Salle Palmerston in 1993-94. In the season 2010-11 he was Leinster Rugby President when they won the Heineken cup for the second time. Truly a great memory.

Today, 36 years on, Compustock is still going strong providing reliable and professional stocktaking teams to our clients in the pub, hospitality and retail industries.

A family run business, Compustock is based in Blackrock in Dublin.

Managing Director Kevin's oldest son, Mark, has more than 19 ?years experience as a stocktaker and looks after some of the biggest players in the Dublin pub scene.

Shane, the youngest family member of the company, has more than 7 years experience as a stocktaker and looks after a wide variety of client accounts including GAA clubs, pubs and nightclubs all over Dublin. He is also responsible for the development and maintenance of our website, software and equipment.

Another valued member of our team is Paul Levins, who is a very experienced stocktaker. He has a background of more than 20 years working in the pub sector in the UK and has been with us since 1992.

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Bar & Nightclub Stocktaking

In the current economic climate many pubs and clubs find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Forced to cut back on wages and overheads, many owners are experiencing increased stock shrinkage which is adding to their woes.

Off Licence Stocktaking

In order to compete with the large multiples and their bulk-buying discounts, the smaller, independent off-licence owner now needs to keep a tighter control on his deliveries and stock levels than ever before.

Retail & Service Station Stocktaking

Most retail store owners will tell you that things are difficult and getting worse and service stations are no exception. Slow trading conditions continue to bring loss of revenue, stock shrinkage and increased instances of theft

Pharmacy Stocktaking

Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products need to be tightly controlled as margins continue to be squeezed in the current economic climate. Theft of high value goods from pharmacies has also been highlighted as a growing problem area

Food Stocktaking

The food industry, like the pub trade, has seen a significant fall in the number of people eating out in recent years. This is hitting their overall margins hard making portion control even more important than ever before.